Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Eco Framing Story

Conserving our Natural Resources... One frame at a time.

Its time to reinvent custom picture framing and try a new approach to an old industry. Our goal: produce high-quality gallery-level framing at lower prices, with faster turnaround and to accomplish this in the most green way possible.

First, custom framing means local labor and artistry, with custom craftsmanship, made to your specifications, combined with personal service and design consultations from well trained craftspersons.

Framing GREEN means making frames with sustainably harvested woods or even bamboo, as well as using FSC certified paper mats or ones made from 100% cotton. Naturally, the frame studio recycles everything possible, gives away scrap material to artists and schools, uses energy saving light fixtures and encourages staff to use public transportation.

While that is a great start, the crux of the problem to greening picture framing is the inefficiency of its normal design-build workflow, order management, supply chain, shipping and packaging. This is where the carbon is really burned. Most custom framing orders are highly particular small jobs - the result of a design process that may examine hundreds of samples and options that no one could keep in inventory. Therefore, numerous small special orders are generated leading to shipments of only a few sticks of moulding in a large box, or a few sheets of mat board in yet another box, leading to truck deliveries that burn fuel with stacks of packaging dispatched after use. It also means more moulding is left over as waste and eventually ends up in landfill. Add to this calculus the paperwork, order management, quality control issues and these custom orders become unnecessarily expensive projects. In this economy with downward price-pressure, that is a recipe for problems.

Eco- Framing uses a new playbook, and keeps enough moulding and mat board in stock so that most projects can be designed from materials already at our warehouse studiono shipping or special orders required. We buy in case quantities at reduced cost and extend our savings to our customers. The result is lower cost, less waste, reduced shipping and packaging and faster turnaround. Everyone wins.

Of course if you need something out of the ordinary, and dont mind waiting or paying a bit more we will gladly handle your project the conventional way. We pledge to do the work in the most carbon-neutral way possible. Although, our warehouse-style approach now gives you an option that can save money, save time and save the environment on your next custom framing project.

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