Sunday, August 1, 2010

New exhibit program for U.S. District Courts-Oakland

Our latest projects for the United States District Courts was among our "greenest" to date, the best practices applied at every step of the process.

Framing was produced locally in our San Francisco studio with a artisan labor approach. The frame moulding, chosen by Hon. Judge Charles Breyer, is a U.S. forested and manufactured solid Cherry wood; produced using FSC certified methods by Larson Juhl, a Warren Buffett Company. Matting is all rag board or the new Biltmore line from Larson, also FSC Certified.

This project consists of 75 historical different 12-color giclee prints which provide an educational local history experience for jurors, judges, staff, lawyers and visitors for the facility.  The program includes Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, Fremont area and Contra Costa County.  Stories about the development of Oakland, Lake Merritt, the Waterfront, the transcontinental railroads, ferry systems, the airport including Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart, the Liberty Ships and war effort in the Area, UC Berkeley, Mission San Jose, Martinez and much more.Each image was digitally mastered from the best available historical original - final editorial oversight was by the local Hon. Judge Jensen.

Why Green?
Larger projects are done often produced using lower cost materials imported from Asia, "jungle woods". Production operations often do not practice suitable forest stewardship, manage the effluents from their mills or control the exhaust from their finishing operations in an optimal manner (VOCs).

This project is 100% "Made in the USA"
-doing what we can to keep America working

In our process, we repurpose overcuts into smaller frames, further reducing waste from the project.

We commend the United States District Courts for choosing to go local - producing in San Francisco, as well as selecting renewable low-carbon impact materials throughout this project.

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