Monday, October 18, 2010

Eco Framing launches our best deal ever with Bergine

Bergine, a leader in the booming special-offer web coupon marketplace, ala Groupon, provides regional luxury at exceptional value for their membership. Launched by a dynamic husband wife team who personally 'curate' the offers, Bergine's exclusive newsletters provide daily deals that are unique, top-tier and trusted by their members. Eco Framing, pioneering in how custom framing services can have a lower carbon footprint at attractive price points, welcomes this opportunity to introduce its "Framing 2.0" solutions to clients who prefer a total quality experience but recognize the need to walk softly on the Earth.

Featuring sustainable woods products made in the USA to FSC standards of forestry and finishing, combined with our reinvented supply-chain we can dramatically reduce waste and improve efficiency. Our clients receive top quality, museum grade craftsmanship at the best possible price points.

Let us show you how this can be a win-win by choosing this special deal exclusively from Bergine.

Bergine Offer through 10-21-2010 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New exhibit program for U.S. District Courts-Oakland

Our latest projects for the United States District Courts was among our "greenest" to date, the best practices applied at every step of the process.

Framing was produced locally in our San Francisco studio with a artisan labor approach. The frame moulding, chosen by Hon. Judge Charles Breyer, is a U.S. forested and manufactured solid Cherry wood; produced using FSC certified methods by Larson Juhl, a Warren Buffett Company. Matting is all rag board or the new Biltmore line from Larson, also FSC Certified.

This project consists of 75 historical different 12-color giclee prints which provide an educational local history experience for jurors, judges, staff, lawyers and visitors for the facility.  The program includes Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, Fremont area and Contra Costa County.  Stories about the development of Oakland, Lake Merritt, the Waterfront, the transcontinental railroads, ferry systems, the airport including Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart, the Liberty Ships and war effort in the Area, UC Berkeley, Mission San Jose, Martinez and much more.Each image was digitally mastered from the best available historical original - final editorial oversight was by the local Hon. Judge Jensen.

Why Green?
Larger projects are done often produced using lower cost materials imported from Asia, "jungle woods". Production operations often do not practice suitable forest stewardship, manage the effluents from their mills or control the exhaust from their finishing operations in an optimal manner (VOCs).

This project is 100% "Made in the USA"
-doing what we can to keep America working

In our process, we repurpose overcuts into smaller frames, further reducing waste from the project.

We commend the United States District Courts for choosing to go local - producing in San Francisco, as well as selecting renewable low-carbon impact materials throughout this project.

See California Images Story on Oakland Exhibit

website: US District Courts

California Images Public Galleries -how to acquire selected views from this exhibit
Article from Mercury News: US Courts Programs 2008

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hetch Hetchy Valley c1900

Moving Sale - collection of about 50 framed pieces made over the last 25 years - all at 50% reduction in price - most are one of a kinds - give me a call to set up a good time to visit - or get on our list for the next open house -

Saturday, April 10, 2010

U.S. Courts goes green for Oakland Federal Building

New project for Oakland Federal Building being produced using U.S. manufactured solid Cherry wood; produced using FSC methods by Larson Juhl, a Warren Buffett Company.  Framing is done in San Francisco - all local.

This project consists of 75 historical giclee prints providing local history education about the East Bay, Oakland, ALameda and Contra Costa County - opening in late May.

We commend the United States Courts for choosing not only to go local - produce in San Francisco but to allow us to use renewable low carbon impact materials throughout.

Often larger projects are done using lessor expensive materials imported from Asia that use "jungle woods" - these operations frequently do not practice suitable forest stewardship, manage the effluents from their operations or control the fumes from their finishing operations (VOC issue)

We are making the overcuts from this project available at special discounts for smaller frames while the supply lasts - which help us prevent the cut-offs from going to land fill as well.

website: US District Courts

Monday, April 5, 2010

White Boards by Polyvision - custom framed

We custom order these in any stock size -  framed to match your decor perfectly and/or per your architects' specification

We use the latest technology in whiteboard surfaces - environmental ceramicsteel by Polyvision, a division of Steelcase.

It's magnetic!

surface offers outstanding benefits for the end-user. Ceramic steel surfaces are acid, fire, stain, and scratch resistant in addition to being easy to erase, easy to clean, and magnetic.
LEED/environmental Certification
PolyVision’s new
e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface is the first and only ecologically intelligent whiteboard surface to receive Cradle to Cradle certification. e3 environmental ceramicsteel delivers the properties of PolyVision’s best selling writing surface, P3 ceramicsteel ®, and complies with Cradle to Cradle Silver certification criteria.

benefits of  ceramicsteel:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Stain resistant

Available through 4 x 8' surface size - two sided on special order.
 installations can be full coverage on interior walls - butt jointed  - to create larger panels