Saturday, April 10, 2010

U.S. Courts goes green for Oakland Federal Building

New project for Oakland Federal Building being produced using U.S. manufactured solid Cherry wood; produced using FSC methods by Larson Juhl, a Warren Buffett Company.  Framing is done in San Francisco - all local.

This project consists of 75 historical giclee prints providing local history education about the East Bay, Oakland, ALameda and Contra Costa County - opening in late May.

We commend the United States Courts for choosing not only to go local - produce in San Francisco but to allow us to use renewable low carbon impact materials throughout.

Often larger projects are done using lessor expensive materials imported from Asia that use "jungle woods" - these operations frequently do not practice suitable forest stewardship, manage the effluents from their operations or control the fumes from their finishing operations (VOC issue)

We are making the overcuts from this project available at special discounts for smaller frames while the supply lasts - which help us prevent the cut-offs from going to land fill as well.

website: US District Courts
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